Home Again!

After a lovely trip away, we are back home and back to the drawing board for The Wee Rooms!

New Table

You live in the land of tulips, then naturally you need a tulip table!

Business Plans

I hav been super busy with a new and exciting business plan and a slight different direction on my website. So much fu and extremely exciting to actually make and design your own products!

Watch this space...

Toys for the wee one

Just in love with all things wooden at the minute for kids! This playgym for Marta is from Loullou, a beautiful Danish brand. Some extra toys from Prenatal and Fabelab!

New Rug!

So we have been getting pretty frustrated with our little pokey house, and have decided to put our big table into storgae and replace it with a tulip table! Then the space up the back can be made into a little cosy area and somewhere nice for the kids to play too!!

Here it is so love love!