My Baby Room Inspo

As we are only in the house for 1.5 years, and we have done so much renovation, the guest room on the 1st floor was not decorated, just 'ready' for when we got round to it. Beket entered my belly, and plans shifted :) The guests will now move to the very top floor (hopefully we renovate it soon along with the living room and we are FINISHED!) and now we plan the little bubba's room. 
I have always felt that this could be the funnest room to decorate, touch wood that all goes to plan :) So now i can share some inspiration. 
As always, Alvehm and Pinterest is one of the first ports of call. When BB grows up and wants to put their own style on the room, I will maybe have to take a step back, but for now this is MAJOR FUN!! 
Some nice websites I have found recently:
Kus Kus

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