My Bedroom Revamp

The first room we made 'ready' in our renovation was our bedroom. We chose the paint and flooring well thankfully and are still really happy with it, but now the room needs some attention! 
Excuse the little chappy sleeping!
Maybe a nice chair and mirror to make a make-up area?!
Most prized posession in the whole room. If you are a new mum, get one! Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep. Bottle ready in under a minute in the middle of the night, and saves hastle with thermos or running downstairs to the microwave!
Some inspiration for the room of course always comes from Alvhem or like and my moood ( also in the kitchen as you can see a few posts before!) is LINEN! Soft, clean, and I probably won't iron it! Time saving for new mum!!
And where to get it? The best value I can find is H&M! Their home range is to die for and very well priced! 
Watch this space...
In the meantime, poor Charlie is still not in his own room nor is it finished! But I'm in no rush...prolongs the fun!
O is home in 2 days and then we fly to Dubai for holidays with good friends!

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