My Saturday

Happy Saturday bloggers

And such horrible weather outside! We did some shopping and got some Saturday treats, that's about as far as we could go with this rain. 

Charlie is in desperate need of some rain gear, but I'm not going to splurge until he is officially walking. Also, looking forward to see what Mini Rodini have in store for Spring. A lot of their rain gear now is quite Wintery, where as it rains right through until Summer!

Also came across these cute little candles by Air Wick that I just saw yesterday on House of Philia

For now, it's back to the living room for a cosy afternoon. Yummy fish for dinner with potatoes and sauce, some nibbles and some Modern Family. Actually addicted to this show at the minute. I'm not sure how many episodes I watch each evening hehe! Such great humour and yet somehow feels like you know them, or at least their daily dramas. Phil Dunphy is the best!

Fijne Weekend...

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