Our New Kitchen Extension: Örsjö Lighting

So we have agreed to the plans for our new kitchen extension...very exciting!

Which makes me think I have not actually shared some pictures of our new home...

The kitchen is ok, but if we plan to live there quite some time we would really like it to be exactly what we want. So we have gone with this plan...(Optie 1)

We have have a larger window, keep the French doors, add another window in the eating area, and add a breakfast bar where that little weird piece of wall is sitting! ( Bitter sweet it is there but it is kind of holding up the whole house :):) )

This week we go back for the third time to the kitchen planners to make some decisions. 



Decision making is usually ok for me but this i quite tricky this time! Either way we go for high gloss white as usual (so easy with mucky kids fingers) and a light marble style worktop.

Then comes the lighting issue. Olaf loves brass, brass everywhere. And I like touches of it. But if we opt for the brass quooker tap (life saver, we have one now in chrome), then you cant have chrome elsewhere. Looks stupid. So handles, lights all should be brass. Right? Wrong? Dilema! I think I would prefer to stick with chrome and go for white lighting and add brass accents thorugh accessories etc. Too much can look so so tacky in my opinion!

Either way, we either go for star or bar in the kitchen itself...

And in the dining room either the 4 point or the flos beauty..

Then for the breakfast bar, some form of bulb lighting

1st World Decisions
What a twat

Fijne Zndag!

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