Our Bathroom Planning

Charlie asleep and now some time to have a hot coffee and plan our teeny tiny bathroom!

We are in a bit of a pickle as to what we will go for in the end. I am swaying towards a bath and shower, even though space will be limited, just to make things easier and to have options, especially with kids! Olaf on the other hand wants to jump around in the bathroom and have the biggest shower possible for the small space. We will see...

Really happy we have decided to go with the company Plieger. Both Brugman Badkamers & Sani-Dump just were not thinking WITH us in terms of space. More so no that won't work instead of well maybe we could try this. Not a good feeling. But these guys seems to be super!

The cabinets will be highgloss white like the kitchen with a slight inlay, wall tiles rectangular white and floor tiles grey and white portuguese like we already have. So excited!

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