Our Little Cricket

Charlie has arrived!
On 12th January 2015 our little treasure came into the world. A little earlier than planned, and a lot lighter than assumed, but healthy, happy and growing so well. 
The nights are so difficult, you don't realise until you have to actually do it yourself how much effort is involved! But oh so worth it in the end. And what makes it even more tolerable...
Wine! It has been a long time, but well worth the wait! Truthfully speaking though, whilst pregnant you really don't crave it so much, as well as coffee. I kind of lost the taste for it. So anyway, cheers! Need to lap it up before the next screaming match begins.
The labour story...I will save for another day. It's long, it's intense, and more so informative with regard to the week thereafter! But not right now...I'm still trying to enjoy being able to sit on 2 bum cheeks again! Horror! (But normal I'm told...)
"What the HELL are you doing to me?!?!?"
The past few days have been a bit tricky. We fear Charlie may have developed colic, so after some research we decided to purchase 'Colic calm' which is a form of gripe water to sooth their tummy pains. Gets rave reviews but the proof will be in the pudding if we have a settled night tonight. Part of me thinks the only reason he screams (when he is put into his crib) is because he is lonely and dare i say it, becoming a little spoilt hehe! So nice and warm to lay on mum and dads chest so of course why would you want to get into a cold crib without a fight!
One think our boy does majorly like however...noise! The louder the better it seems! Lucky Granny and Grandad bought him a nice piano when he was born...plenty of racket already in this house, but now we can add some more! So fine and fun for when he is a little older, and allows me to brush up on some old skills during my "free time". Pfffff

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