My TIme to Pack

Time to pack my bags
So, the blog has been a little quiet these fast few days, what a week we have had! At my 36+6 week scan, I was referred to the hospital as the doctor feared that the baby may not be growing so well. With a more indepth ultrasound (or echo as they call it here in Holland) we found out that my placenta had 'ripened' and was what they classified as grade 3, usually the placenta of a 40-42 week pregnancy. It was not supplying any nutrients any more and had run its course. 
I was told that the next day I would have a CTG monitor test, and every other day for a week, but if they did not like what they saw on the first one, the baby would be removed immediately!
The reason was that the stomach and legs were not being given much nutrients as the placenta had kind of given up and was pumping all that was left purely to the vital organs like brain, heart and lungs (thankk god!) Our bodies are so smart!
So every other day we went for these CTGs and everything thankfully was always really good, with steady flow and a good heartbeat. My consultant however had said from that first day that the pregnancy would not be allowed to go on past 38 weeks, regardless of anything, so yesterday we were told that I will be induced for labour on sunday night. O's birthday!!! How funny, father and son, probably with birthdays one day apart!
It will begin with a balloon to dilate my cervix, which MIGHT break my waters naturally if my body realises what is happening, but if not then I will be given some hormones on Monday morning via IV drip to do this. And then we should hopefully have a healthy, happy, but most likely small baby! He has measured roughly between 1800-2200g each time (as they have a 20% margin of error) so he will be somehwere between 4-5 lbs, but again, we are not sure. As his head is also so far down in my plevis now, it is hard for them to meausre accurately, but we just hope for health of course!
In the meantime, we have been getting some furniture ready and a make shift changing station for when he gets home. Our Sebra items for his room do not arrive until the 18th so in the meantime we improvise!
Some fine friends awaiting their little Charlie! Maileg and Jelly Cat treats, too cute!
Some Farg Form of Sweden from here
So we have our last night at home with some friends over to talk and distract and get ready for the next few days ahead, and of course my mum! 
Kus Kus

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